It's Got Be Noon Somewhere.....

It was snowing again in NJ this morning, and as far as I'm' concerned, it's got to be Noon somewhere (preferably some place warm and sunny) so I can just get a little numb and forget about that white stuff falling on top of the 8" of white stuff still sitting in my yard.
No, really, I can't do that. Too much to do this afternoon. 
But, last weekend after several days without snow, we had a bottle of wine to celebrate, again thanks to my friends at the Wine Chateau.  This one was a Louis M. Martini 2011 Cabernet. Delish!
Typically, I am not much of a Cabernet drinker, but the reviews of this wine had me totally hooked! And to be fair, I was not disappointed once we opened it. It was not heavy at all, but had flavors of berries and a little green pepper without earthy or licorice flavors. I am not a licorice girl anyway, unless it 's the red one, so that worked really well for me.  The finish was smooth and this was a very drinkable wine which means in my world, it's perfect for a Friday night hang out and catch up, which is exactly when we had it!
Thanks again my friends at Wine Chateau-- not sure I would have made it this far through the winter without you.


  1. Speaking of licorice, hubby made a roast chicken on a bed of fresh fennel bulb, onion, and carrot. It was quite delish, and seemed like it would work well in a crock:)

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    We live just up from Dry Mill Winery in Loudoun Co. VA. Yummy! :)


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