Y? Beacuse I Love It

The A to Z is jut about done. I must confess that between the challenge, World Book Night, and two school vacations, I didn't get to visit nearly as many blogs as I did last year, and certainly not as many as I wanted to. I had such good intentions, but alas, things did not work out as planned. Do they ever? Either way, the A to Z participant list will stay up for a bit and I'm making a promise to myself to get back to it and visit others.
Why spend a month talking about ice cream? Because I love it. It's hard (but not impossible) to mess up, the flavor combinations are endless, and with summer coming I'm in the mode. A month of ice cream flavors has been fun as well as challenging. Half of my posts were done ahead of time, and the other half definitely took some creativity, along with milk, sugar, and cream. I have decided that if I ever have an ice cream theme again, I'm  having an ice cream tasting party. You should see my freezer!


  1. Please invite me to your tasting party!

    Visiting from AtoZ. (Like you, I didn't visit as many as I had hoped to either. Sigh ~ )

  2. Oh gosh. I LUV ice cream, too! And this is one of my favorites!

  3. LOL, Tracy, re the freezer. On my foodie blog (www.sharonarthurmoore.blogspot.com) I do a Month-of-Recipe in February (because it's the shortest month!). Last year was soup. This year, chicken. Omigosh! We're set for months!

  4. LOL, now you have an ice cream stahs,you luky lady you!

  5. Dont worry too much. I couldn't visit all those sites I wanted either. I'll have to come back and gather the ice-cream recipes one by one after the challenge is over.


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