K-Keeping The Name Straight

Most traditional ice cream flavors have names with which we are familiar and don't try too much to change. Vanilla, chocolate, Neopolitan, Cookie Dough, you get what I'm saying. The one exception seems to be Mint Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream. Since this my  life long absolute and totally favorite flavor I felt it was worth a little investigating. Is it a chicken/egg thing or it is location related similar to the soda/pop thing?  Is it really important to Keep the name straight anyway? I have my preference, but I'm not sure it matters.  I'm curious- which name is most familiar to you?

Either way, we're talking about mint flavored ice cream and chocolate chips. Whether the ice cream is green or not, the flavor is still the same. And, it's still my favorite, so pull up a spoon, grab a bowl, and dig in!


  1. I still call it mint choc chip, so there. ;) and I love this flavour too!! A lot of people seem to not like anything mint, but I love it!

  2. I call it mint choc chip too.

    Visiting from the A-Z Challenge Paula Martin - Romance Author

  3. Chocolate Chip Mint for me - and it MUST be green :-)

  4. Mint chocolate chip. My favorite! :-)

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