F- Fun With Flavors

One of the things I love the most about making my own ice cream is that I can really have Fun with Flavors. A chef friend told me that anyone can learn how to make anything, once they learn the basics and making ice cream is no exception.

The basics are either vanilla or chocolate as your base flavor. From there, you can add some cinnamon, or peppermint or any extract flavor that comes in a jar. There are so many now available in the grocery store, that it doesn't take a trip to a specialty store.

When it comes to fruit flavors, I've tried using fruit zest as well as crushed or cooked berries. I have not tried straight citrus fruit zest because I'm too afraid of what will happen if I actually mix lemon juice with milk and cream- typically not a pretty sight.

Finally comes the fun part- the sweet stuff. When it comes to food, I typically don't like hard things mixed in with soft. For example, nuts totally ruin brownies for me. But, when it comes to ice cream, chocolate chips are rarely a problem. Start there and then you can add whatever your favorite thing is.
To all of this food fun experimentation, I say, don't be shy and if the experiment doesn't work, just try again.  Most likely, someone will still want to lick the bowl.


  1. This is a great idea! My girls would love to make our own ice cream.


    Valerie Nunez and the Flying Platypi

  2. I make my own ice cream too. Its so fun and tastes way better than anything store, with a few exceptions of course!


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