Texting For Dinner

Doesn't that just look delish for dinner?
I almost did something the other night that at some point I'm sure I swore I would never do.

I almost texted my daughter to tell her dinner was ready. This might not seem to be a big deal but bear with me a minute.

Growing up, I was often asked to tell my sister when dinner was ready, at which point I would yell from the first floor to the second floor and tell her dinner was ready. Shortly after my yelling, my mother would inform me that she could have done the same and I would immediately proceed upstairs to personally tell my sister that dinner was ready.

On this particular night, dinner was ready and I called upstairs to tell my daughter, having a proper flashback at the very same moment. No answer. I called again. No answer. I really didn't feel like going upstairs. So I grabbed my phone figuring I would text the dinner message. Then I stopped.

Texting, while efficient, gives me one less interaction, one less opportunity to speak person to person with my daughter. In a time of what often feels like a bazillion daily interactions with my kids, one fewer might seem like a "break." But it isn't.  If she doesn't see me now popping in to her room to give her a message, then she'll expect not to see me regularly. My goal is that in the long run, and especially as she goes from being a Tween to a Teen, a personal message from Mom brings comfort and trust rather than annoyance.  A text may be faster, but even my subconscious knows that it isn't the same.

Have you ever texted a child to announce dinner is ready? Would you?


  1. I hear about people texting their kids all the time, and families just text crazy.

    To each their own way.

  2. I just have a soup can in my kitchen with a string that goes all the way to the spaghettios can in my daughter's room.

  3. I am the world's worst texter. I feel obliged to spell everything out, and it takes me forever. Although I have to admit, if I want any type of communication with my teenage nieces, I have to text to do it, LOL.

    PS That dinner looks delicious! You can text me dinner's ready, anytime you want, LOL


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