Valentine's Day- Spread the Love and Kindness

Valentine's Day already?! I guess so. This is what happens when time moves too quickly and there never seems to be enough hours in a day.

January flew by and with my added challenges of writing every day for thirty one minutes, doing my best to carry out acts of kindness, and actually taking making the time to read books about how to write, I am convinced that I would benefit from cloning myself. Since I have yet to figure out how to do that, I had to make some concessions.

I was unable to complete more than 7 Acts of Kindness in January. In my daily running around (I'm beginning to have a love/hate relationship with my ability to drive) I found that even while I looked for opportunities to hold a door for someone, or help with a heavy grocery bag, the opportunities didn't seem to present themselves. I did bring our crossing guard hot chocolate with marshmallows on a particularly cold and windy day and several times carried my neighbor's garbage cans up the driveway, but that was it. I'll keep looking for more opportunites to be kind to others, I just wasn't able to get to all 26 by January 30th.

I did do a lot of writing in January, but honestly timing myself for 31 minutes at a clip and not taking weekend time off was a bit much. What I did learn though was the value of focusing (even if for just a little bit) each day on some aspect of writing. I wrote a few posts for the upcoming AtoZ  Blogging Challenge, worked on an outline and plot for a MG novel I've started (this is signifigant as I'm a total pantser), and editied some already complete works. I took some liberties with the 31 Minutes challenge and included reading. Not reading for the fun of it, or the escape from reality, but I actually started (and am halfway through) Stephen King's On Writing, A memoir of the craft. The man is amazing and I love putting what I've learned so far into practice. Silly me, I thought it wouldn't be as good as his fiction.

So, it's now Valentie's Day, a day I try to make special for my kids, as my mother did for me and my sister for years. Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, treats and small toys (one for each child) as a morning surprise, and a roast beef family dinner. Time will continue to move on. I'll keep writing when I can, and continue with my own Acts of Kindness. And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'll encourage my kids to spread kindness to others and share their stories with the families in Newtown, CT in honor of Charlotte Bacon Acts of Kindness Award.

Happy Valentine's Day! Love yourself and those around you.


  1. thanks - needed this reminder. i cancelled the gym for tonight, and will have a nice dinner with my family - and get a few little special somethings for my kids :-) Life moves too quickly, and I need to remember to slow down sometimes.

  2. I bet you you had more acts of kindness in January, but you just did them quietly without even realizing you were doing them, because that's just who you are.

  3. I hope you had a fun V-Day and that you had a great February. Can you believe it's already March? Where has winter gone?!

  4. Those random acts of kindness - especially the anonymous kind - are the very, very best!


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