On A Roll... So Far

This is the second year I am trying my hand at PiBoIdMo, hosted by the wonderful and talented Tara Lazar, who I actually had the pleasure of meeting at a local SCBWI event last weekend. We've Tweeted with each other, commented on each other's blogs, and emailed, but there is just something powerful about meeting someone in person.

 My new and wonderful creative partners were there too: Lauri Meyers of Lauri's Stories and Jennifer Dorr of A Year of Living Mythically. How fabulous to be at an industry event with them. I also met author Ame Dykman, illustrator Vin Vogel, illustrator Leeza Hernandez, and Scholastic editor Jenne Abramowitz. Yes, they are all real people and no, I should never have been nervous about introducing myself to them. As it turns out, I'm not the only person who feels life pulling me in several directions, or gets stumped while staring at a blank page.
Me and Ame Dykman

Wow- I digressed a lot there. So, back to PiBoIdMo. The premise is simple: pledge to write down one picture book idea for each day in November. Last year, I made it for about 5 days, got all caught up in half days, Thanksgiving and well, that was the end of that. Not good. This year though, I'm doing well. Although some of the ideas will never move beyond the piece of paper on which they are written, others have potential. And if I'm lucky, some will even turn into a whole picture book.
In real life the colors were more vibrant but I used this sunset for one of my ideas.

I'm far from done, but moving in the right direction. And, thanks to those of you who I met last weekend- there was definitely inspiration in those simple and casual conversations.


  1. Love the images. Thanks for sharing them. I'm not doing as well as I did last year with PiBo... I need to get with it!

  2. Thanks for getting me there Tracy, and for your wisdom and friendship.

  3. It was so nice getting to meet all the amazing NJ children's writers! PiBoIdMo had a slow start (ideas do not come to me in the dark!), but I am all caught up now...whew.


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