Letters From Camp: Pardon My French

Dear Mom and Dad,
Okay. This is the part where I hope you don't get mad at me but Holy Crab! my phone's a kindle. Well, not really. My phone is my phone, but it has a Kindle app and of all the android phones I've had, this is the best one.
Why am I so excited? Well, you know I've been reading a lot this summer. Dad, I'm like you-- I prefer paper books. Yes, its the old-fashioned thing, but I know you know where I'm coming from on this. And, oddly enough, I am sometimes against change, unless of course it's a change that I want. Hmmm I wonder where I get that from......
Well, this summer I decided to experiment with a change I was ready for and it involves that fabulous Kindle app on my phone. I decided to try reading a book on my phone.
I know, I know. The screen is small. It isn't great in the sun. God forbid my kids decide to curl up next to me with wet bathing suits from the pool while I'm reading (which is totally likely by the way). And what about all those wonderful bookmarks you have given me over the years??? Legitimate questions, and don't worry, those bookmarks are still well used and adored. But I've been all over the blogosphere and so many people have these great books that are available on Amazon, and I wanted to read them.
Where to start? Well, I really went for it on this one.
I downloaded a copy of Burnt Offerings by Roland Yeomans. Roland and I have crossed paths in the blogosphere and it seems like every other week he's got a new book available. He's a writing a machine. In an effort to both read his work and try out my Kindle app, this seemed like a good place to start. So, I one-clicked my way to an urban fantasy on an e-reader. Talk about a summer trip!
The stories were nothing like I've read before, and I was hooked. But I had questions. Enter: Twitter. (It was like picking up the phone and calling, but not exactly) I started following Roland, and then he followed me.  I asked him questions about the book. I was confused and didn't realized it was a collection of short stories and without a hard copy, I was a bit lost. This is all new to me, remember? Roland was awesome enough to write back and explain and give me a bit of background. I read his book within a few days. Yes, at the pool and before bed. I didn't even need a light at night! Don't you just love technology?!?!?
So, that's my latest summer experiment. I've since downloaded a few more of his books to my Kindle app, and have to say that I'm getting used to the smaller screen. I love that I don't need an extra light for reading at night and that I can get directly to the author with questions. How often does that happen? I won't give up paper books entirely (I just picked up two today), but I'm feeling a bit more open to the whole e-reading thing.
That's all for today. Summer is drawing to a close, as will my letters, soon, but not quite yet.

Here's why I'm writing Letters From Camp to my parents.


  1. I have a Nook and still need a nightlight. I'm jealous. Time to get a Kindle I guess. I enjoyed your post Tracy.

  2. I still heart paper books a LOT but, for pretty much the same reasons you list in this post, am very close to buying myself a Kindle (the 3G Keyboard one). I do have a Kindle app on my phone but it doesn't...feel good. Hah, that probably makes no sense, eh? ;-) Anyway, I think I'll do better with the bigger screen.
    Some Dark Romantic

  3. I've been running the roads on my blood runs all day. Sorry for the late visit!

    I'm glad you enjoyed BURNT OFFERINGS. Your questions sparked another short story collection: BRING ME THE HEAD OF McCORD! Questions about McCord are answered in 3 stories.

    Victor and Alice run into a ghost of a Spanish Inquistion priest on their 1st Christmas.

    Evil is forced into defending the world from an alien invasion.

    A runaway orphan runs into the ghost of Elvis and a being who claims to be Lucifer.

    And more beautiful illustrations. Did you like the ones in BURNT OFFERINGS?

    A Kindle Fire, like your phone, has its own back light. Great at night, right? Thanks again!

  4. It all starts with one book...

    I have a Kindle Fire (and a Kindle 2 before it), and I can't imagine living without the convenience of my e-reader. I even read books on my phone with the Kindle app when I don't have my Kindle with me.

  5. Ok, so at least now I know I'm not alone. Moving to an e-reader (or an e-reading app) is new territory, but definitely has its advantages. I started RITES OF PASSAGE while at soccer practice today. So convenient!

  6. Roland is a great, generous blogger. I appreciate his hard work. He knows how to write!

  7. I wish I could say I've read a lot this summer. For me I guess I haven't done too badly, but still.

    Wrote By Rote

  8. We share the same love of books– the crisp feel of a new page, or dogeared suppleness of an old leaf where others have journeyed before me. But, I love my kindle! There’s something kinda awesome about the portability of 35K books inside my purse. Enjoyed this post. Love your writing style.

    Note: this comment wouldn't post yesterrday b/c I was not signed into something (don't know what) that Blogger requires. All better now. :)

  9. Thank you, Emily. Your words meant a lot this morning to a weary, exhausted blood courier! :-)


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