Summer Start? Oh Yeah!

My first taste of summer last weekend was quite enjoyable. Anyone else? Aside from the "honey do" list floating around our house, and passed back and forth between me and my husband, we had the pleasure of having our first full-on family barbecue, the first roasting of marshmallows, and our first trip to the pool for the summer. This last little bit was what got me.
Summer. Pool. Change of mindset.
Summer is my reward for the rest of the school year. Not just the driving around and the homework, but the special projects, helping out in school, planning meals and keeping track of schedules. Knowing that it's imperative to get all my work done before the kids get home from school, when my time becomes their time. So, here I was, at the pool, having some time that I think I needed more than I realized.
I only have a handful of hobbies: reading, knitting, and cooking. That's really it, which is good because unless I clone myself there is no time for others. Plus, I can enjoy these even when my kids are around; for the most part, and let's be clear here: everyone usually benefits from my cooking trials.
So, I sat. And read. Not just one, but two cooking magazines. And then the next day, I read two more! Aside from a growing grocery list and visions of playing in my kitchen, I think I actually relaxed. I wasn't near a computer, staring at a pile of laundry to fold, or picking up stray Lego pieces that I knew would be painful if left on the floor and stepped on. It's not the summer vacation Kristen Lamb and so many of us miss, but it's a new version of vacation, and I'll take it.
Time stood still for an afternoon while I sat in a lounge chair and watched my kids swim. Yes, I gave some time early on freezing in the pool with my youngest. But once he found the little pool and two friends, I was able to warm up and keep reading.
I have a vision of my summer and so far, it's looking great.
Is your summer off to a good start? Do you miss summer vacations from childhood? Do you find summer relaxing or more stressful?


  1. Ooh, the idea of summer does push one into a different mindset. I ATTEMPT to relax. But with 4 kids, who are all very involved in sports, it's tough to relax - even during the summer. My kids are older, so they're involved in sports throughout the summer too. *sighs I really hope I can get some writing done. lol

  2. I was just saying the other day to my sister that when I am floating on a raft in the pool everything is perfect. I don't care how stressed I am or what's on my mind, the only time I can truly empty my brain is while floating. Odd? I know! Anyway, I am glad you're enjoying the beginning of Summer!
    P.S. We seem to have that same stray Lego problem in our house.

  3. I love food cooked out on the grill, but we never do it enough. I keep meaning to start--that and a lot of other things. Summer is looking just okay this year. No kids here, though I wouldn't mind seeing them and the grandkids, but they're so far away and it's not easy. Looks like a lot of time at home this year. Not all bad.

    Wrote By Rote

  4. Sounds like a fun summer vacation. We're in the throws of VBS and summer classes (for me). Swim lessons are later. I'm trying to pace myself. Have a great summer!

  5. Our summer vacation starts next Thursday and we'll pick up the kids from a half day of school and go to Disneyland. We have annual passes and its money well spent.


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