D Is For Distractions

Distractions. Kids. Distractions. They're inevitable enough so that I can't even count the number of blog posts I've seen where people ask, offer help for, or just vent about distractions. I don't think there is much that can be done about them. Whether you work at home or in an office they're there. Taking it a step back, even when I'm home and not working, just doing the "mom" thing as it were, there are other distractions coming from my kids. Distractions that keep me from finishing up doing dishes, making dinner, folding laundry- you name it. So, I guess the lesson here is that no matter what we do or how hard we try, there are always distractions, and as you'll see in my Z post, if you can make them work for you, then maybe they're not that bad.

My A to Z posts are themed with food, parenting and life, but not necessarily in that order. Enjoy!


  1. That's it - distract yourself with distractions! :-)

  2. Well put! Loved the crossed out kids :) They are a distraction, I mean they think my writing world is sure a distraction from them :) Can't wait to see what you're going to put for Z!


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