Confessions of a SuperHero Junkie

So there I was, last Saturday, looking for movie times for The Lorax thinking it would be a great thing to do on a rainy Saturday. March is coming like a fierce lion I don't remember knowing as a child. Perhaps we're making up for the fabulous snowless winter. But, I digress.
I didn't make it far into the movie times as I was quickly distracted by a little note at the side of the the Moviefone page noting that the Incredible Hulk saves Iron Man in the new movie, The Avengers. Well that was all it took. One click and I was well away from movie times and content appropriate for my kids and well into my own little addiction of super heroes, villains and of course the end of the earth. The cast looks great but I don't know why Ed Norton isn't playing The Hulk, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed, but will be sure to see it anyway. I know my son will want to come with me and for that, I cannot wait.
Oh, and in case you're wondering, no we have not seen The Lorax yet. Gotta fix that!


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! I can not wait for this movie!

  2. I love those superheros! Bring 'em on! I'm just waiting for my kids to be old enough to go to PG (or, gasp!, PG13) movies and not feel like I'd totally be corrupting them. Right now we are limited... The Lorax looks good too, though!

  3. Let's just say that May 4th is going to be an amazing day!


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