Etiquette for Walking and Texting

When this piece from the NY Times showed up in my inbox, I was taken by surprise about two things. The first- I didn't know that the Times had started an Op-Doc series, and second, I was surprised that I wasn't in the film.
I walk and text all the time. Better than texting and driving, but still. Sometimes I need to remind myself that until POTUS  follows my name, I probably don't need to walk and text. I've walked into poles without texting. (I wasn't drinking at the time either)
Last summer t-shirts popped up in Manhattan which read, "Pick your head up," clearly speaking directly to masses who were also walking and texting.
This Op-Doc format was fun to watch. It not only put into video what I was expecting to see in words but showed me what I must look like walking and texting.
Satirical in nature, the piece is unoffensive, but does take liberties to show proper walking and texting etiquette. Just as one cannot always get to a quiet place to have a quick conversation, which is always welcomed by those around who don't want (or need) to hear said conversation, practicing a little public etiquette while walking and texting is always appreciated. Especially if you're trying to avoid poles, people, or even cars. I think I'll start practicing some of those new rules myself.


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