'Twas Time To Make The Cookies

The competitive side of me is always up for a challenge. So, when Susanna Hill put forth the challenge to come up with our own versions of Clement C. Moore's 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, I was in.
I tapped into my inner Eminem and after several revisions and reading (over and over) to my kids and husband, came up with what's below. It's the essence of Christmastime with my kids. Cookies, baking, impatience, and lots of licking of beaters. Enjoy!

“‘Twas the time to make cookies,”
We said to our mom.
“I’ll get you started,
Please try to stay calm.”

We measured and sifted
Cracked and whipped.
The batter got fluffy
We tasted and licked.

Beaters spun into action
With food coloring of green.
We measured and blended
For hours it seemed.

Soon it was time
To put it all together.
“Let’s get Christmas shapes,”
We said to our mother.

And then on the counter,
We couldn’t believe.
The number of cookies
We both could see.

There were shapes of canes, of bells, of flakes, and wreathes.
And snowmen, and presents, and angels, and trees.

Now the cookies were
Ready to bake.
We set some aside
For St. Nick to take.

Sprinkles and glitter
And red hots we knew,
Would make our cookies
A dream come true.

When we were finished,
The kitchen was intact.
With boxes for giving
And ribbons that matched.

Santa’s plate was ready,
So we said good night.
We gave mom a kiss
And turned out the light.


  1. Sounds delicious! I want to come to your house :) Great entry, Tracy, and once again, a topic no one else has touched yet! Everyone is so inventive! Thanks so much for joining the fun! Well done :)

  2. Thanks Susanna! I loved your version and feared I had totally missed the boat on this one! As a friend of mine says, "leave it to Tracy to do something different." I need to read the other entries- there's a talented group here!

  3. Yummy cookies. I'm making my way through the entries and there's something different at every site. This just sings to me: Sprinkles and glitter And red hots we knew, Would make our cookies A dream come true. And, I'm not a glitter person, but the idea that the decorations will make a dream come true ... lovely. This challenge is a fun one.

  4. I really liked your entry because it just creates that feeling of being warm and cozy (and messy)indoors during this special time of year. Good luck!

  5. Great entry! I really enjoyed reading it. It will bring out the baker in anyone :•)

  6. Tracy, Christmas in your household must be yummy fun! You create a great Christmas home ambiance with your poem. Lovely!

  7. Sprinkles and glitter and cut outs, oh my....I can smell the cookies baking.

  8. Stacy, Elizabeth, Joanna, Catherine, Delores, and Penny,
    Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the poem. There is a lot of baking in my house, and most of it is with my kids. I hope you are all inspired to try at least one new cookie recipe and yes, they do have glitter sprinkles! We tried them for the first time this year and they're awesome. Make for very pretty cookies!

  9. Yum! Some of these images end up coming from my kitchen as well. Great story.

  10. Thanks Tasha! Always great to meet another cookie warrior!

  11. Yes! It is about that time for me too! :) I completely agree with the general sentiment--a very, yummy poem, indeed! :)

  12. Yum! You're making me feel like doing some Christmas baking. A unique topic too!

  13. Fun poem! Good luck in the contest. Did you find it hard to write in such a hurry? I surely did! Merry Christmas!

  14. I loved the look of the poem as well as the words. Now I feel inspired to do our cookies on Christmas Eve!

  15. You're making me hungry...

    This was great! I can smell those cookies (or maybe it's because my Mom is making some right now ;) )!
    Great job!

  16. Erik, Julie, Miranda, Natalie, and Jo- thanks for the positive comments. I'm so glad I made your mouths water and your tummies rumble with cookie thoughts and images.
    Miranda- yes it was challenging to write so quickly, but as I was baking with my kids, it all came together. Then, it was just time for tweaks!
    Happy holidays to all!

  17. Great entry Tracy. Love how each entry is so original.

  18. Great story, Tracy - you really captured the cookie making experience!

  19. Patricia and Lori,
    Thank you! So glad you liked my entry. It was really fun writing it, and has been just as fun reading the other entries!

  20. What a lovely reflection of that precious family time in preparation for the Christmas celebration. I love your phrase listing all the cookie shapes. They mirror Santa's reindeer list!

  21. Thanks Jarm! I actually had to look in my drawer of cookie cutters for that part! Happy holidays!

  22. My mom is an uber-baker, making dozens of cookies, fancy breads, dinner rolls, pies, etc with little to no effort. I tried to learn at her knee but it was a lot to keep up with!

    For Mother's Day I found the perfect card for her:

    A good mom lets you lick the beaters.
    A great mom turns the mixer off first.

    I thought your entry was great fun! Best wishes and happy baking!

  23. Thank you so much! I did most of my baking with my grandmother, but could almost always be found in the kitchen right next to my mother!

  24. I'm having such a fun time reading all the entries to this contest. I enjoyed reading your poem! Making cookies for Santa is something so many kids can relate to :)


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