Whatever, For Dinner

As I was washing the dishes tonight, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm not sure why, since it happens at just about this time every year, but still it seemed like a surprise. I am recovering from the two days of no school last week, so focused on the upcoming half days this week, and thinking ahead to Thanksgiving next week, that dinner just becomes "whatever." Whatever I can throw together and whatever is not chicken. One year I actually made a roast chicken the night before Thanksgiving. - Really????? You ask. Yes. It's so easy and requires almost no attention while cooking it seemed like a logical option. I made chicken tonight, but I have exactly 10 days until Thanksgiving actually hits, so I think I'm in the clear. Getting creative over the next few days, and remembering to order groceries for regular dinners, not just Thanksgiving, will require some thought, but can be done. Right now, pasta is seeming like a good option, but 10 days of that can be tricky. Maybe vegetarian? That won't fly for sure. I'm lost, but no longer feeling surprised.


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