The Never Ending Halloween

I was actually done with Halloween on the 31st of October. However, here I am on November 4th and it's time to celebrate Halloween. Again. We missed it this year because of a freak snowstorm in the Northeast. Everything was put on hold. And then extended. And then recreated.
I'm not cynical enough to say that Halloween is only ever on October 31st, but my kids were "done" with it and ready to move on. So was I, but this was also an opportunity to have a little fun. We decided on an indoor candy hunt that would resemble the Easter egg hunt coming in about 6 months. The plan was all set: order pizza, hang out, and hunt for Halloween candy (whatever was left that we hadn't already eaten through the week), and call it a night. I was worried that having other kids come to our house for trick or treating would upset my kids, but everyone seemed really happy to just hang out and move on. We ordered pizza, but never got around to actually hiding and looking for the candy; we just ate it. Happy (belated) Halloween.


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