Confusion and Fun Photo Friday

In Susanna Leonard Hill's Fextravaganza (I'm going to borrow this word from her as it's my favorite name for her new Fun Photo Friday series) the theme for today is Confusion.

The confusion here is mine. Not the deer's. I have never seen deer in my yard before, but this explains the tops that were missing from my lillies two summers ago. I'm not surprised to finally see the culprit, but my confusion is how they are going to get back over the fence (there were 3 in total). I had heard that deer can jump fences, and clearly they did to get into my yard. However, as I'm a seeing is believing kind of girl, I needed to see it for myself. And I did, and it was beautiful (see other photo below).
By the time I took this picture, the first two deer had jumped the fence and I was not sure of what this one was going to do. Would it charge? Should I run inside to safety or just wait and see? Never being one to run (unless I really have to) I waited. Eventually she turned and hopped the fence with the others.


  1. Wow! That si some picture of the deer jumping! Thanks so much for joining the Fun Foto Fextravaganza! As for deer charging, check out my post from the spring about doe vs. dog :)

  2. That's an awesome picture. Not many get to witness that in their lifetime. :)


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