Best Friends

"How do the the bra sizes in the UK work and how big are YOUR BOOBS!? These are the kinds of questions you can only ask your best friends without offending someone. Other questions I have asked in my lifetime to only my best friends were, " What would an uncircumcised penis look like?" and "What would a threesome be like?"

Best friends are the way we get through middle school, high school, college, weddings, and new babies. I was having lunch with two of my best friends (who I haven't seen in 6 months) and it was like we saw each other yesterday. Together, we have 30 years of friendship, 3 husbands, 5 kids, and one baby on the way.

Motherhood brings with it a new family dynamic, sleepless nights, endless joy, and more than ever the need for friends. An opportunity to say what you think and how you feel without being judged is what we all need in those first days, months, and even years. Sugar coating and believing in the la-la land of the commercials doesn't do anyone any good. So, when my best friend is preparing to have her first baby, I have no problem telling her that the beginning sucks and that in all likelihood she will be carrying most of the burden of raising her new child. Whether she goes back to work or not.

Best friends are a gift and I love mine. Who else would listen to me when I say that bath time is not all that fun until your kids are old enough to take showers on their own?


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