Mom.... How did he get on the table?

And I knew it the second I heard that question. My youngest child was standing on the table! How did he get up there? Easily- he climbed. It's what kids do. The problem is there is no warning. One day you see them trying; struggling to climb up something and, quite literally, the next there they are. On top of a table with the biggest smile you've ever seen. Typically, I'm not one to stifle the climbing aspect of development- I actually think it's cute they way kids struggle and then are so proud of their accomplishment. As a kid I used to climb a huge spruce tree in our backyard and jump off. Climb higher the next time. Jump off again. I did this until it hurt to land and then decided that was high enough. To this day, I'm not sure if my parents knew about my climbing adventures.

I can appreciate both the thrill and pride my kids experience climbing onto tables. For them, it's joy and independence. For me, it's clearly time for a toddler gym class.


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