Breaking the Rules

I broke one of my own rules tonight. I spent a whole chapter in my book talking about what is needed to make dinner for a family. Feeding a family just takes a lot of food, cooking for one is totally different. One of my rules for surviving "dinner" is to not try a new recipe on a Tuesday. Guess what day it is and guess what I did? Stupid. Stupid. I knew better than to do this especially on a day when there were after school activities and my house looked like a bomb hit it.

Lucky for me, I have become the master of the 30 minute clean up. This means I do what I want to during the day and take 30 minutes to clean up toys and vacuum so it looks like I've been cleaning all day. Today I was busy doing some writing so I totally blew off my disastrous looking house and looking at the recipe for dinner before making it. The result- I raced through a quick 30 minute clean, burned the oil in the pan, had no patience with my kids and crossed my fingers that dinner would be decent.
Let this be a lesson to myself. I know better. Next time I'll make a chicken.


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