The upside of an early wake up

Is there one? For a long time I wasn't sure. Like most adults, I spent many years waking to the sound of an alarm clock. Then I had kids. Miraculously I slept through the alarm clock but awoke at the slightest peep coming from the baby monitor. Now it's a different story, and believe it or not there is an upside.

Two of my three children are early risers. Surely, one of those "paybacks" my father often referenced. The upside- I have discovered "extra time" in my day. Not that I would willingly wake at 5:30, but as long as I'm up.... So I have taken to reading. I'm deep into the Twilight series ( and about 100 pages from finishing book 4, Breaking Dawn. I suppose I could do something more productive like finish the dishes from last night or clean my stove. Maybe when I am done with this book I will. But for this morning, I am stealing some extra time to do something I love before the mad dash to get kids to school. I have finally found an upside to waking when it's still dark.


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