Peanut News

In the news: A new approach to treating peanut allergies.
It seems almost too good to be true and I'm still not totally sold. I've seen Super Boy's face swollen for 2 days just from touching a nut. I can only imaging what would happen if he actually ate one and the swelling was INSIDE. At one point, it looked like Super Boy was going to be a lucky 1 out of 5 who would outgrow the allergy, but instead it expanded from peanuts to tree nuts. I found that out the hard way.
There are plenty of substitutes for peanut butter- some even worth eating. I've become a fan of Trader Joe's sun butter (made from sun flower seeds) which is so much more palatable than the cardboard called soynut butter- that stuff just shouldn't be sold.
As far as building a tolerance- I'll have no problem being patient on this one. I'm in no rush to start experimenting with peanuts, no matter how small the amount.


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