My morning

Another early wake up. I finished Breaking Dawn so now it's time for another early morning treat. If I looked at it any other way I'd be cranky. First- there was the wake up at 5am and then the bath at about 5:15. Not mine- no lavender and rose petals here- just a really poopy child whose cold has moved from his head to his tummy. The result is just too gross to post so I'll let you use your imagination. Post bath and some play it was time for Cheerios- aka- my time. Baby went into high chair with a trayful of Cheerios and I went to my knitting bag. The way I see it is that if the person for whom I am making the sweater wakes me up at 5am, then there's no issue with me working on this project and enjoying a little time "to myself." I may even go back to it while he plays and I'm done here. My final act in this little early morning session was making coffee. I started to feel bad for my husband because by the time he gets to the coffee, it will be about 2 hours old. Then I remembered that's he's still in bed and I am now joined by two children. I'm ready for coffee.


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