It started with an eye shadow

My friend, Erika, became a new Mary Kay consultant and asked me if I wanted to attend one of her Tuesday night meetings. The class would be about eyes. I never really mastered the whole eye make up thing and had always admired those who knew what they were doing. So I went.
I hadn't been all that far off in my current eye routine That is if you consider using the right colors in the wrong places no too far off. So I entered a world of color and design created just for me. I bought an eye shadow in a color I had never considered before and felt adventurous and pretty.
Erika built up her business and I attended a basic skin care class. I was happy with what I had been using, but why not support a friend? I was impressed! My only request for a change in skin care routine was that it not add any time to my current routine. With 3 kids and an average 20 minutes to get ready, including a shower, time is not a luxury. Erika gave me a plan that did two things. 1) It did not take up any more time than before and 2) felt clean and natural on my face. I was beginning to see the woman I was becoming. The mom who can look put together and still push a stroller. All of this coupled with my new "skinny jeans" and I was on a high.
Here comes the pinnacle of my new me. Erika called me again with the invitation to another Tuesday night meeting and class: luscious lips! I was immediately interested. I'd had even less previous success with my lips than my eyes.
We started with lip exfoliation. Who knew you could do that? Who knew lips needed that? Mine felt so soft I wanted to kiss someone! Next was a filler and smoother. More loveliness for my lips. Then came color. Erika pre-picked colors for me and they were perfect. A lip liner, lip stick, and lip gloss. When all put together, I looked like a new person.
Earlier this week, I had an appointment. I didn't want to look all schlumpy so I did my face that day- including my lips. When I dropped my son off at school and the compliments flowed. I was "gorgeous." "Where was I going?" "What was different?" The reality is that for 3 months, ever since that first eye shadow experience, my make up has been the same. The lip stick ensemble made all the difference. I felt beautiful all thanks to my friend Erika. My new lips have woven themselves into my daily routine and I love them- along with my skinny jeans and my stroller.


  1. so much fun to feel pretty and be GIRLY! I too love playing make up and dress up. Go skinny jeans and God bless lipstick!


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