My mother always said the only thing more difficult than being married was being a parent. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, both are a lot more difficult than I thought. Maybe my parents made it look easy. Maybe I was clueless as to all they did for each other, for the family, and for us.

I had a great childhood with great memories and stories we retell during family gatherings and holidays. That must have been why I embraced the ideas of marriage and children so readily. How hard could it be? I had no idea what I was in for. In fact, I haven’t met anyone yet who knew what we were in for when someone said, “Hey, let’s make a baby!”


  1. I think the mom thing is easy, function on 3 hours sleep, teach something, learn something, deal with a crazy husband and try to have friends and a life. I think going to work is harder, 6-8 hour sleep, adult interaction all day,

  2. My mom always said, "I only wish for you what you've given to me" and she always seemed to say this when I was not behaving at my best... fortunately, I learned early on the value of good parents. Unfortunately, it took me 38 years to become a parent. Now I understand the value of a loving child.


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