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What Does That Mean, A Mother Who Writes?

Photo courtesy of Suzy Hazelwood When I started this blog, it was to build a platform so I could write a parenting book. The platform wasn't a bad idea, but I learned relatively quickly that writing about parenting was not my platform. I loved to write about other things: food and wine, books, nature, twisted fairy tales, and anything that challenged me. But what about now? I left this blog for years, and returned to the traditional workforce. For 5 years, I've been focusing on business administration in higher education. I haven't written anything creative. So what happened to the "mother who writes" part of the blog? Or part of me? I considered changing the name, and then the sub-heading, but that would be like throwing away the years I spent building the blog, the followers, and simply writing. In essence, the very platform I had been building. I considered instead, changing my perspective. Of course I still write. Every day. And what I realized is

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