It's No Joke......

A gecko, a wild boar, and a puppy walk into a bar. Each makes himself comfortable next to the frog. The frog has been busy building up her lilypad, hopping around to visit with friends, and taking care of herself for the past little while, so it was time to venture out. The bar looked inviting.

The gecko is cute and entertaining. Has a very playful side and is quite intelligent with a laissez-faire attitude toward life. He works hard, builds relationships with others and isn't disruptive to the world around him. Unfortunately, when the gecko and the frog tried to kiss, the gecko didn't know how to move his mouth to match the frong's mouth. Very disappointing.

The wild boar is deceptively calm. He works very hard, is a great saver, and isn't afraid to tell you so. The confidence and self-sufficient nature of the bar is encouraging, but the snorting sound the boar can't help but make when laughing at the frog's jokes was just unbearable. It's not his fault, it's just who he is.

The puppy is adorable. A true companion who would do just about anything to make you happy, looks at you with soft loving eyes and is eager to spend time together. All he needs in return is a little playtime, some food, some cuddling and a long walk. Until he doesn't. The puppy had trouble with the frog's life in the pond and he hadn't grown enough to be on his own.

The frog sat at the bar thinking, and realized two important things:

  • She was really very happy with her life in the pond. While it would have been nice to have a companion to explore other ponds and places with, she was really quite capable of exploring on her own and didn't need to find another to keep her busy or entertained.
  • She'd really need to find and kiss more frogs to find a prince.

She'll go back to the bar, or maybe a different bar, but not today. Lots already happening in the pond.


  1. She sounds like an amazing frog who deserves time to enjoy her pond, tadpoles, and how high she can jump.. while maybe finding another frog who appreciates lotus flowers too. hugs.


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