Letters From Camp: I Think I Started Something

Dear Mom,

I think I started something- but don't worry, it's a good thing. Not a Martha Stewart Good Thing, but a reading related book kind of good thing. That was a mouthful. Anyway......
My favorite, Forever, by Pete Hamill
Last week I learned how to have two open screens on my Surface after seeing it done in a commercial. This is the best thing ever! As I write you this letter, I have Twitter open on the side of my screen, with a live feed (this means that I see Tweets as they happen). A couple of days ago, I saw a tweet from Ame Dyckman, a children's book author who I have met and often have little Twitter chats with. She's hysterical and comes up with some crazy ideas.

That morning Ame's Tweet was something to the effect of: I wish there was a day when you could just walk around holding your favorite book. So I replied (via Twitter): Let's make one!

I suggested October 23, 2013, just 6 months after World Book Night. Here's the beauty of social media. Other Tweeps (Twitter people) started chiming in saying they were on board, adding the date to their calendar, suggesting ideas for art so we can make a badge (those little things on the side bar of my blog) and ultimately spread the word. Now there's  #ShowABookDay on Twitter and about 7-10 people committed to participating, gathering kids to show their favorite books, and have some fun. Julie Falatko suggested a bunch of people standing with their arms up holding a book (instead of a boom box) like John Cusak in Say Anything. You might not have actually seen that movie, but all of us 80s kids have an immediate visual. :) Either way, we're all excited!

Mom, mark the date on your calendar- 10/23/13 and you can walk around holding your favorite book. What would it be? I put mine above. Isn't this a cool idea?

I'll write more later,


  1. Count me in! Can I do it Flavor Flav style and make a necklace with a book hanging from it? I can pull off that look for a day right???

    1. You totally can! Add jeans and a cute hat and hit the runway!


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