X- an eXciting challenge

I'm totally cheating with X here, but from the little bit of hopping I've done, I know I'm not the only one. :)
Anyway, I was given an eXciting challenge when I first started playing with my ice cream maker, just about a year ago. I regularly write about food (among other things) for a local news site called MyVeronaNJ.com.  My editor said to me, "Wouldn't if be cool if you could make an ice cream that fits the colors of town."  Like many other towns, we have lots of pride in our colors.
Anyway, that little seed was planted and the result was Maroon and White ice cream.  Those who have tasted it call it surprising and unexpected (I'm quoting my sister here) and as much as I would love to post the recipe here, I will refrain, as it lives in the Cook It! Verona cookbook (look just off to your right in the column) where I put it. A fun and eXciting challenge; I'd do it again in a second.
Does your town have its own ice cream flavor? If you created an ice cream based on your town's colors, what flavor would it be?


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