V- Vanilla

When making ice cream, Vanilla extract is a necessary ingredient, even when making chocolate ice cream. If you make as much home made ice cream as I do, or even if you are an avid baker, it's worth having your own stash of Vanilla extract. It's actually really easy to make and depending on how much ice cream making or baking you do, a jar this size should last a while.
To make your own Vanilla extract, take a vanilla bean (there are inexpensive ones in some supermarkets) and slice it in half lengthwise, exposing the seeds. Place in a pint sized mason jar. Fill to the top with vodka, cover and wait. In a few days, you will have your own stash of Vanilla extract. Trust me, there is nothing worse than going to the cabinet, expecting to grab your bottle of vanilla extract to find that it is empty.  Ok, well there are worse things, but in my world, that's a rough moment.


  1. I wrote about vanilla for my V word as well. :-) my extract takes about 3 weeks to get fully developed though. How do you have good vanilla in a few days?
    from The Dugout


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