O- Ode To Simplicity

Simple, yet fancy enough to be served in a martini glass with a flower

After all of the experimenting I've done with ice cream, I have learned a few things that are worth sharing. Ice Cream is a simple dessert (or not, if you're like me and will eat it at any time) that combines milk, cream, sugar and in most cases vanilla to create a tasty cold treat. If any of these posts have inspired you to either whip out the ice cream machine you got as a wedding present but have never used, or to try new flavors with the machine you already have and love, here are a few things to keep in mind for the sake of simplicity:
  • Don't try to combine too many different flavors at once (if there is too much going on in t he mouth, the individual flavors will get lost)
  • Yes, you can have too many chocolate chips (I've done this and while I am typically not one to believe that chocolate should be left out, too much chocolate can take away from whatever your base flavor is)
  • Start with vanilla or chocolate and expand from there. These are the baseline flavors from which any combination of flavors can be created.
  • Some of the most recent flavors I've put together (specifically Lime Vanilla and Mixed Berry Pie) had better flavor after 24 hours in the freezer. So, like a good stew it could be helpful to remember to plan ahead and let your flavors meld before serving.


  1. A good caution, Tracy, to those who might try too much too soon. But ice cream is one of those foods it's hard to mess up!

  2. It's so true about too many chocolate chips! We were eating a treat from a fast food place and ugh, we could hardly get through the crunchy mess of chips. Not good.


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