J- Just Plain Vanilla

Oooops. We interrupt our previously posted letter K to bring you letter J- I'd blame Blogger, but I forgot to hit the publish button on this one.

Just Plain Vanilla ice cream should not be ignored! Or so I have decided.

I've spent several letters of the alphabet talking about how you can enhance, change, update, play, and experiment with ice cream flavors and concoctions. Truth- there is much fun to be had with ice cream, but without the basics, we would not have the creativity.

Child number 3 loves Just plain vanilla, so I made some the other day. I licked the spoon when I was done (adults get to have fun with this too!) and while vanilla is not my favorite, there is something special in its simplicity. Smooth and creamy, sweet but not overwhelming, it's a comfort flavor.  Think of the way it can complete a piece of chocolate cake or warm blueberry pie (just ask my Dad), or how it make soda fizz even more creating a creamy sweet drink. Since I can't stop creating new flavors (I've tried), I added some blueberry butter to half of the batch I made for child #3 along with some chocolate chips. The result is a Vanilla Blueberry (or the purple ice cream as my daughter referred to it) which does not have an overwhelming blueberry flavor. I love chocolate and fruit, so I added some chocolate chips  and the result was this:
So, when someone says "I'll have vanilla ice cream" think of it as more than Just Plain Vanilla, I know I will.


  1. I have a problem eating just plain vanilla. To me, it seems like it's missing something. Good idea on mixing with something like the blueberries =).

  2. What a delicious topic for the A to Z. I agree, vanilla is like the blank canvas of ice cream. You can really dress it up with all different mediums, from sauce to nuts!
    Jess/ Blogging on the Brink

  3. I love vanilla ice cream, especially really creamy ones. In fact, I have some in the freezer... Think I'll have a bowl of it now!

  4. looks beautiful! Vanilla is best w/ Kahula,crushed Heath Bars and whipped cream..old Indian trick


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