C - Cakes, Ice Cream That Is

Oh! The fun you can have with this.
I made this for my dad's 70th birthday with his two favorite flavors: Chocolate and Black Raspberry

I grew up on ice cream cake- it was one of my two most common birthday cake choices- the other was Angel Food cake. For my baby shower, my sister had a special ice cream cake made which included mint chocolate chip ice cream for one layer, and the other was, ummm, well it really doesn't matter because I don't think I ate that half.

One of the best things about having your own ice cream maker is that you can make whatever flavor of ice cream you want, grab some crunchies, a little cool whip and BOOM! ice cream cake.

Making the ice cream is one thing- fairly easy once you master the basics. Creating the cake takes a little planning, but that really only has to do with making sure you have the right tools. There are three things you need in addition to ice cream:
A spring form pan
Chocolate crunchies
Cool whip

Another thing you need is time. Unless you have two coolers, you need to make one flavor and create the first layer. Let it harden in the springform pan and freeze some more. Then add the crunchies. Then make and add the second layer. With 24 hours needed to fully freeze the bucket insert, planning ahead is very important.
So, have fun with flavors and free thyself from the doldrums of the vanilla and chocolate ice cream cakes.


  1. We love ice-cream cake! Who knew you could make it? Well, I guess you did :D That looks yummy! I like how you can personalize the flavors.
    Jenn @Scribbles From Jenn

  2. Your topic is ice cream? How wonderful!

  3. Oh, man... when I was a kid I begged EVERY YEAR for a baked Alaska birthday cake--angel food, icecream, and a meringue topping--you had to bake the meringue with the ice cream inside so it was super tricky, but MAN it was good.

  4. Chocolate and raspberry, two of my favorite things!

    I'm just stopping by from the A-Z and it's so nice to meet you. Love your theme. :)

  5. Ice-cream cake!! I've never heard/seen one, let alone tasted one. Oh my... I think I know what my birthday cake will be this year. I just made a rainbow (sponge) cake for Easter. That was fun. Maybe a rainbow ice-cream cake would be divine :)

    Happy A to Z-ing

    Jemima at Jemima's blog

  6. my, you are busy!!!looks good and I will try it

  7. I love ice cream cake! It's my absolute favorite kind of cake.

  8. I never had black raspberry ice cream until I moved to PA. It is my husband's favorite flavor.

  9. Oh wow! That looks so yummy! I LOVE ice cream cake. I have only had the kind that has one layer of ice cream/one layer cake though. I have never even thought to make my own.

    Stefani @ Dreams of Nyssa


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