Letters From Camp: Wings Wednesday

Dear Mom and Dad,
Things must be getting boring in my kitchen because now the kids are coming up with dinner ideas! The plan was for these to be our summer meals, but I haven't been home to cook! Seriously, we're doing the camp to pool thing and until Alice shows up, it's just not happening. What I haven't decided yet is if I miss cooking.
Experimenting and playing in my kitchen, yes. A hot messy kitchen in 90+ degree weather, definitely not.

I have to say I admire their creativity though, just look at these ideas:
Meatball Monday
Taco Tuesday
Wings Wednesday (anything chicken)
Turkey Thursday (stuff that's related to turkey, like chicken)
Fun Filled Food Friday (I think this means filled foods, like tacos)

It seems like tacos and chicken fill up most of the week, with the exception of Monday. Clearly I need to get a bit more creative, but perhaps I should just feel lucky that they aren't requesting Chicken Cordon Bleu or Boeuf Bourginon (my French is rusty and I'm not even sure if I spelled those correctly!) Ah, the dilemma of dinner.
Rest hour is over. Talk soon!

Here's why I'm writing Letters From Camp to my parents.


  1. Good gosh, now I'm even hungrier than I already was. lol

  2. how about the crock pot? or, consider build your own burger or Hot Dogs and pretend you are in the stands at the Olympics?

  3. Fun Filled Food Friday sounds like fun.


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