Letters From Camp: If My Mini Van Was A Convertible

Doesn't that sky just make you want to take the top down????

Dear Mom and Dad,

Agh! I had the best idea!

Okay, so it's summer and we seem to finally be past that hot, sticky, nastiness called July. How am I celebrating? My windows are finally open again without wilting every potato chip and piece of paper in the house. How are others celebrating? They are taking the tops down. Of their cars.

I have a sunroof, but let's face it, that's just not the same. So, I got to thinking: What if my mini-van was a convertible? Can't you see it?

The top smoothly slides back into my mostly unused third row. The wind in my hair, my music blasting, yes I love to share it with others on the road, and the papers, wrappers, french fries, pieces of pretzel, pencils, markers, and about 35 Lego guys all flying from the top of my car.

Okay, so it might not be so safe for others on the road, but it could be a great way to clean out my car.

Summer is almost over, and my letters will end soon, as camp will be over. School will start, and I'll once again be able to talk on the phone without three inquisitive angels wanting to know who I'm talking to and what I'm talking about.

Wishing I could drive with the top down.


  1. Hehe! A convertible minivan would be quite the sight!

    I've really enjoyed your "Letters from Camp" too.

  2. That's pretty hilarious. If my minivan were a convertible, I'd have Cheerios flying along with the LEGO guys.

  3. Grin, I remember letters from camp. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Funny letter. Even funnier image of a convertible mini van!

  5. You know, the UK version of Top Gear actually did that with a minivan. It was hilarious. Why don't they make'em that way?

  6. Now, that's a great idea - except you gotta save the Lego guys!! My son was such a lego-maniac when he was younger :)


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