Letters From Camp: Valences Are Out

Dear Mom and Dad,
Wow. Summer must be for re-doing and rebuilding. Aside from massive amounts of small road construction that make my getting to-and-from camp mornings tricky to say the least, I've also taken on the refreshing of rooms in the house I've been talking about thinking about for months.
You know, the kind of thoughts where you look at a wall and say, "Wow, that room would be great if it was green." Which is often followed by, "It really shouldn't take me that long. A few nights at the most. All I need is a color, the paint, some brushes, rags, and oh yea, spackle and wood filler. I can do this."
And yes, after a week of basically not sleeping, wearing down three paint brushes and several shirts rags, finally realizing that valances aren't really in anymore, and admitting to myself that I much prefer the newness of a fresh color on a wall to painting trim. I have a new office. Isn't it pretty?
I love working in here and if it weren't for Trish, I probably would still have the pale green/grey that we've had for years along with all the nicks, dents, and severely outdated valences. Now, if I could just continue to make the time to actually sit in here and write. Regularly.
Rest hour is over. More soon.

Here's why I'm writing Letters From Camp to my parents.


  1. LOVE the new color!!! Just LOVE! well done, Trish (oh, and TEB)!

  2. Thanks Tracy, you are a pleasure to work with. A talented writer and a great mom!Trish

  3. clever approach to staying in touch, dear.....and yes, the room looks great. good job

  4. Hello *waves*. A number of my blogging buds follow you. It's about time I jumped on board :) So nice to 'meet' you! :)

  5. Such a great working space, and I love the color!


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