What If Book Stores Went Away?

I'm in that crazy place where right now I'm trying to keep up with a live Twitter chat from IndieChicks, write an article for my day job, plan out a couple of posts for Perfect Picture Books, and survive through this murky place where school is ending, summer is starting and there is so much crossover for my kids activities, it could make your head spin. In a few weeks, the transition will be over and I'll be watching fireworks over the NYC skyline. But, before that happens, there is an important day coming up. Save the Book Stores Day on June 16th.
See, we writers, readers, and parents can build platforms, write blog posts, tweet, "like", bloghop and Pin to our heart's content as we create and promote our writing, but what good is it all if there is no place to put those books? Bookstores are more than just a place to go in, buy a book and leave. These are the places where my kids learn about new authors, leaf through a book and decide whether or not they want to buy it, authors give live readings and share autographs, people in the store share what they've read lately and what they would recommend. Bookstores have an alter ego of being a community meeting place, just like an ice cream store.
In this video, Maria Bartiromo interviews Ann Patchett about why she decided to open a book store in her city.  People told her books stores were dying and were a wasted investment. What she's found is that people love bookstores. They are a community in their own rite and really, the smaller the better. I agree with everything Patchett says and while the online booksellers have their place, so do bookstores. So, if you can't get into your local bookstore today, place an order online or make a phone call to have a book held for you. And, if you're not sure of what to read, here are some of the books I've read in the past year that I'd recommend, as well as other I just continuously recommend to people. Not sure if it's the right book for you? Hop into the bookstore and read a few pages, then decide.
The Confession
We Need To Talk About Kevin
Long Drive Home
The Book Thief
Al Capone Does My Shirts (read this with my 8 year old son)
Mockingbird (read this with my 10 year old daughter)
The Girl Who Fell From The Sky
The Story of Beautiful Girl
The Colorado Kid
Bel Canto
Noah's Compass
Moonlight Mile
A Drinking Life
Duma Key


  1. Loved The Book Thief, Room, and Bel Canto! Great post - now I'm off to the bookstore!

    1. All great books! We had a crazy busy weekend, but I did order two books from our local bookstore. Where would I be without the internet????

  2. Now there are lot of online books store i placed order for 3 books for my entrance exam study online and get great discount


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