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I have truly enjoyed participating in Perfect Picture Book Fridays, started by Susanna Hill, this past fall. Aside from meeting a great online community, it's been a wonderful excuse to get new books from the library, re-read books I hadn't read with my kids in a couple of years, and buy new books in the bookstore. Speaking of new books.... next week, a new book will be released from Deb Lund, illustrated by Howard Fine, that continues her DinoAdventures! The title is DINOSOARING and it's the book I've chosen for this week. Deb has graciously agreed to give away one autographed copy of DINOSAILING and All Aboard the Dinotrain to two lucky winners from my contest. Click here to see my interview with Deb and the giveaway. Feel free to share with friends- it's open to anyone and the more the merrier!

Written by: Deb Lund
Illustrated by: Howard Fine
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books, June 2012
Suitable for: Ages 3 and up
Themes/Topics: Dinosaurs, flying airplanes, adventures, teamwork
Opening: From the book:
In dinogoggles, scarves, and gear,
They board the airplane from the rear. 
The crew's so squished inside that space,
They can't can't fit one more foot or face.
Brief Synopsis: As usual, these adventurous dinosaurs just can't sit still. They work together to get an airplane in the air and join an airshow. But when the bad weather and clouds create some turbulence, it's parachutes to the rescue.
Links to resources: Paper airplanes. There was a time we had about 50 flying all around at once, and this is the website my son used. It's really good with great instructions.
Why I chose this book: One of my goals (from what would now be called a bucket list that I made in my twenties) was to learn how to fly a plane.  My kids think they can fly. I figure that between the capes my kids have worn, and my own desire to learn how to fly a plane, we are just like these dinosaurs. This is our kind of book! I'll just add here too that I think these are the best illustrations from all three books. Vivid colors and big, bright imagery. It's a wonderful book!


  1. I am totally loving the title of this one! My son's would have loved this! (At 15 and 18, I think they are over PBs. lol) My 8 year old boy might take a look at it though.

  2. Great minds think alike - my choice for today too! :-)

  3. I was laughing too: two votes for Deb Lund's Dinosoaring in PPBF. My dino and airplane-loving boys are going to adore this latest from Deb. Thanks for recommending it Tracy (and Julie).

  4. Kids who love dinosaurs will love this book Tracy. Great choice, great story and very bold and colorful illustrations.

  5. This must be a great book! Can't go wrong with dinosaurs and just love the play on words. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. Sounds great! Thanks for the review. I am like you and wished I had learned how to fly a plane.

  7. Thought I was seeing double! Yay for two posts on Dinosoaring!

  8. This must be an excellent book for it to appear twice in one week! Thanks for the link to the paper airplane website - we will be checking it out.

  9. I love Deb's books and I totally want this one, so sign me up for the giveaway :) These are so delightful - energetic, fun, creative! Thanks for adding this one to our PPBF list. And I'm so glad you've enjoyed participating! It will be something to look forward to, getting back to PPBF in September! :)

  10. I have always wanted the power of flight. It amazed me. You could pretend to have any other power, but flight is the hardest to pretend. Please put me in for the give-away! I want to read this book! :)


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