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Wow. I took a couple of weeks off from Perfect Picture Books because, well, *eyes downcast* I felt guilty. It's been a busy few weeks in A2ZMommyland so while I was able to post books to my blog, I was not able to get back to view others posts, and it just didn't seem fair to not be able to give back. But, here I am back with a book, and lots planned for this coming week! YAY! I know, I know, you're excited too. But first things first; the book for this week: Dinosailors

Title: Dinosailors
Written by: Deb Lund
Illustrated by: Howard Fine
Publisher: Harcourt Inc. 2003
Suitable for: Ages 3 and up
Themes/Topics: Sailing, adventure, trying new things, returning home
Opening: "Dinosailors at the slip/ Cry out, "Ahoy!" and board their ship. They swab the deck, stow dinogear/ Ignoring clouds that linger near."
Brief Synopsis: Full of confidence and ready for an adventure, the dinosaurs we meet are tired of land and ready for the ocean. But, as their adventure continues, they are exhausted from a lot of work and realize that the ocean is not always calm. The conclusion: home is where they really want to be. Until they see a train....
Links to resources: A Google search for "sailing activities" turns up some interesting results, none of which fit what I was looking for here. But, knowing my own kids, and since it's summer, I think the best activity would be to give kids a sailboat and a couple of toy dinosaurs to play with in the pool and see what happens with that boat. Ooooh, I think I just came up with an activity for the weekend!
Why I chose this book: I just love this band of dinosaurs. These guys are so adventurous, but what I love the most is that despite their adventures, they are always happy to come back home.

As for the rest of the week, I promise to keep this brief. About a month ago, I received an email from Deb Lund (yes, the same author who is listed here) telling me how much she enjoyed my review of All Aboard the Dinotrain. Deb doesn't know this, but I felt so incredibly special that she commented; she's the one who wrote the amazing story!
Anyway, we did some emailing, had a conversation, and later this week I'll have the wonderful pleasure of sharing an interview with her as well as a peek at the next book in the Dinosaur trilogy: Dinosoaring! It's due to be released on June 16th (Save the Bookstores Day) and it's just as great as the first two.


  1. Tracy, you can't leave us hanging. A train... I can't imagine the twist this takes. But, the message sounds strong. I think of the saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side." I love dinosaurs. Great choice.

    I feel guilty, I was on vacation for two weeks and scheduled o posts, but couldn't make it to other posts. I should have done what you did. But, I had a theme in May and I was determined to carry it through. I have a lot of catching up to do.

  2. Yes, this is a good book! The third book in the series is coming out SOON! Woo-hoo! More dinofun!

  3. What kid doesn't like dinosaurs? Looks like a fun book.

    Tossing It Out

  4. I know how you feel. I love when the authors of the books I write about comment on my posts. One of my biggest thrills was when Sharon Creech commented on my review of her book Walk Two Moons. I screamed! I have been enjoying her books for years! Dinosailors appears to be a fun book. I would imagine it would be a favorite of many youngsters, especially boys. Thanks for the great review.

  5. Perfect for the boys I can imagine. What fun to catch up with the author, will look forward to the interview.

  6. I so appreciate it when authors take the time to respond like that!

    This is proving a great series and I can't wait for #3!

  7. This sounds like a great book for any kid that loves dinosaurs and adventure. Will definitely have to keep this on my potential books to gift. How awesome that Deb found your review. Looking forward to hearing the interview.

  8. Way to go! A pleasant surprise that must have been, to get the author to like your review and have more in store for you. :) Keep it up!

  9. Oh, such silliness about authors. ; ) I'm the one sitting here wanting to give Tracy a big hug for noticing ME! This has been a fun dinoride, and I'm so glad you're all aboard with me. And I see some wonderful familiar names here!

    Your fan...

  10. Oh, how cool! What a compliment for her to contact you. This book sounds cute! I bet my kids would love it.

  11. Hi, Tracy. Great story about "meeting" Deb Lund, and how wonderful that she is going to be on your blog! By the way, I can empathize with the opening of your post here. Sometimes time is tight, and I also have trouble keeping up with everything. The PPBF crowd is just fantastic, though. I don't participate that often, but I love interacting with everyone when I do!

  12. This is perfectly timed since Dinosoaring is coming out soon. I think it's time to read this book. We read the train book, but we are a bit behind. Oh, and I heard you about the guilt of taking a break. My kids are on summer break, and I'm thinking of taking a bit of a blog-cation. Guilt, guilt.

  13. Aww! This book looks so cute! I love dinosaurs. :)

  14. Thanks, Tracy,

    My three boys will read this series one of these days, for sure... No. 1 Son is already a fan of "Dino Dan" on TV :)


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