Ask, And You Just Might Get It

Black Raspberry ice cream happily sitting in chocolate sauce
My Mother's Day post is arriving closer to Father's Day but that's because I've been busy making ice cream! For the first time in ten years I actually made a request for Mother's Day, but  let me back up a minute and explain.
I've had some great Mother's Days in my short tenure as Mommy. Sleeping in and brunch in Manhattan. Breakfast in bed and new spring wardrobes. This year though, I was on a mission.
I've been wanting an ice cream machine for over 15 years; ever since I put one on our wedding registry. I didn't get one then, and as often as I've mentioned it since then, and hinted, it still had not materialized. Not this year. I had a plan.
I got smart and told my two oldest kids, "When Daddy asks, tell him that Mommy really wants an ice cream machine for Mother's Day." They liked the idea as much as I did. I wanted to spend my Mother's Day playing in my kitchen with my kids, making ice cream.
I got the machine, and a wake up that felt like Christmas morning. I went to the store to get the right ingredients and almost immediately put my new machine to work. As with so many new kitchen toys, there were some lessons learned. Lesson one was food related: make sure the bowl is frozen for a full 24 hours.

But lesson two was a life lesson: I was finally able to really appreciate Mother's Day.

In the early years, all I wanted on Mother's Day was a day off from being a mother. I wanted to sleep in, I didn't want to cook or do a single "chore", and I wanted to escape from the very reasons that made me a mother. Sad? Perhaps. Brutally truthful? Definitely. This year though, was different.
With a day job (writing), more independent children, and an online community to compliment the one immediately surrounding me, I finally feel balanced. Some for me, some for everyone else. The result; wanting nothing more than to spend my day with the three young people who give me reason to celebrate Mother's Day in the first place.
Have you had any big life lessons lately? Is there a gift you've received, and then realized there was an even bigger gift just waiting to be realized? Have you ever made homemade ice cream?


  1. So happy you have an ice cream maker. We got a yogurt maker last year and put on a couple pound trying it out last year. We haven't pulled it out this year. On Mother's Day, Hubby and I realized there are some restaurants we don't want to visit with our toddler, especially when they only have booster seats. No high chair is not cool at this age. Of course, we have a funny story about that dinner.

  2. "Smack dab in the middle of my forehead." Thanks for these words, belated as they are. I needed the different perspective. Focus can mean so many different things, even if it weren't what I thought I meant.


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