Perfect Picture Books: My Sparkly Red Hat

Whoa! I've missed PPB Fridays for the past two weeks and am so happy to get back into it! Between then end of the A to Z, spring vacation, and my regular writing job which involves writing, cooking, and photographing I just couldn't squeeze it in. I'm thrilled I completed the A to Z; it was an amazing experience but am happy for a bit of normalcy.
And, if I may be so bold as to add a little something here to us PPB bloggers: On "E" day in the A to Z, Peggy Eddleman entitled her post: E is for Enabling Email. She gave step by step instructions (only for Blogger, I think) for enabling the blog owner to respond to a comment via email rather than as a reply in the comment thread. I LOVE this. Personally, as a blogger I find it a faster way to respond to commenters on this site and as a commenter on blogs, I like the email response because then I know the blogger has taken the time to read my comment. I'd encourage us all to read her post- it's really simple and very helpful. That's if for public service announcements today. :)
And so, without any further hesitation, here is my book for this week: My Sparkly Red Hat.

Title: My Sparkly Red Hat
Written and Illustrated by: David Sim
Publisher: Piggy Toes Press, 2005
Suitable for: Ages 3 and up
Themes/Topics: colors, animals, sharing
Opening: "I've lost my hat," said Matt. "You can have my glittery blue hat," said Elly
Brief Synopsis: Matt has lost his hat. All of his friends offer him their hats, but none of them are quite right.
Links to resources: I actually had to do a project with my son's kindergarten class two years ago which involved reading a story and then making a craft. I read this story and we all made our own sparkly red hats. It was really fun and perfect for five year olds.
Why I chose this book: In truth, I've been looking at this book, walking away, coming back, walking away again, and finally decided to include it here. It's simplicity and sparkly colorful hats are what have kept my own kids coming back to it constantly, and that makes it perfect!


  1. I love learning about new PBs! Thanks.

  2. This sounds like something my kids would enjoy. I'll check it out. Thanks!

  3. Like you say, it sounds like kids would love and relate to the simplicity of this 'I've lost'... 'you can have mine'. Lovely!

  4. This book looks so cute, and I was sold on the title :) Thanks for sharing - it looks fun! And thanks for reminding me about Peggy's post. I use Disqus which allows me to respond by email most of the time, and I love it when other bloggers comment back to me by email. I never have time to go back and see if people responded and I don't like subscribing to all comments because I'd spend all day clearing out my inbox! But I like knowing if someone replied back!

  5. What kid hasn't lost something they are attached to. It is so kind of the other kids to offer their hats. Like your activity at school.

  6. This sounds really great. You activity sounds perfect. Kids would love making sparkly red hats.

  7. Perhaps my five-year-old, the king of glitter glue, would like this book. He loves all things colorful and sparkly.

  8. Sparkly red hats would definitely be a winner in my house! Thanks!

  9. The book looks really cute! I like how Matt's friends are generous and offer to share their hats. :)


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