T Is For Taylor Ham

This is a Taylor Ham sandwich
If you're not from New Jersey, "Taylor Ham" is probably not something with which you're familiar. It is a truly "Jersey food." Technically it's a smoked pork roll, that happens to be make by the Taylor company. But, if you live here, it's just called Taylor ham and there's nothing like it for breakfast. Fried in a pan, or on a griddle, add a couple of slices of cheese and a roll or bread and viola! it's breakfast. We don't put it on pizza or anything strange like that, but it's completely acceptable for breakfast or lunch and if you live in my house, it's a staple of breakfast for dinner.

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  1. Funny--I lived in NJ for a couple of years (many eons ago), in Montclair, and I remember Taylor ham. Hadn't heard it mentioned in--over 20 years, easy. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Taylor Ham means something way different in my neck of the woods, lol.

  3. Tracy, Just discovered a post you left on my blog tonight that you wrote a couple of weeks ago. Somehow it ended up in my Spam and I caught it. You commented about the book I reviewed on Ellie Bean the Drama Queen, and said you mentioned my blog in your article. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

    By the way, the sandwich sounds yummy!


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