N Is For Things I've Noticed

Red Velvet cake batter YUM. 
I almost called this post "Observations" but then I wouldn't have been able to use Osso Buco for tomorrow and I'd be N-less. In the spirit of keeping it short, I'll just list five things I've Noticed.

  • Reading for the A to Z had been more difficult than writing for it.
  • Cake batter and cookie dough always taste better raw. (See photo)
  • Children are born with a gene that automatically alerts them to the fact that you're on the phone. And, despite your best efforts to make all phone calls while they are in school, there's always just that one which comes after 3pm.
  • No matter how good my intentions are, there never seems to be enough time to so all the writing I need want to do.
  • However my day is going, good, bad, or busy, I'll almost always stop for a moment to feel the warmth of the sun on my face.
My A to Z posts are themed with food, parenting and life, but not necessarily in that order. Enjoy!  


  1. Ooh, raw cookie dough is a great comfort food!!

  2. I had a Californian friend at school whose Dad used to make her raw cookie dough to eat! Can't wait for Osso Buco tomorrow.

    1. That sounds awesome! I actually practically fight my kids for it. We all love it!

  3. you had me at cookie-dough.

    Nice post, making it happen...

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    A to Z Co-Host
    My New Book:
    Retro-Zombie: Art and Words

  4. I eat so much cookie dough by the time the cookies are baked, I'm too full to eat them, lol.

  5. My kids always know when their father steps outside. Within 30 seconds, they're out of their beds with urgent requests that can't possibly wait until morning. And, obviously, which just came to their attention right-this-second.

  6. I agree on the reading part, I've found it very hard to get around and read as many blogs as I've wanted to do.

    Love that cookie dough - wonder if I have ingredients at home to make some??


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