G Is For The Googleness of Life

Up until a few years ago, the only reference made to google was the number. Beyond infinity. I still don't really get that as I feel you can always add one more. Right? Crazy? Over thinking the whole thing? Maybe. Probably.
I love Google. It gets me my blog, my email, some pictures, my searches, and really anything can be "googled." With all of that though comes the challenges.
I just figured out how to use Google Reader two weeks ago. Yesterday I realized that it could be an app on my Google friendly android phone. I downloaded it hoping to be be able to keep up with my reading of the A to Z posts. Sadly, I'm still behind. Maybe that's what the Sundays are for. Anyone?
I still don't understand Google+ and don't have the time haven't made the time to figure it out.
Blogger. What a great platform for creating a blog. It's easy and pretty straight forward, oh and free! But there's the old dashboard and the new platform. Some things don't necessarily cross over from one to the other, so maybe it's just me but I am sure I'm missing something and could be using my Blogger tools better.

In the Googleness of life, would I be lost if I were Googleless? What do you think?

My A to Z posts were themed with food, parenting and life, but not necessarily in that order. I hope you've enjoyed reading them!


  1. I LOVE Google! I don't use the reader much, but I do rely on Google so much! Even if it did let me down on finding an answer to your how to put the email comments option question. :( Sorry! I did try!

  2. I love Google and would be completely lost without it. :-D

  3. I love Google too.
    Do check out my G at GAC a-z.

  4. I google everything and anything!

  5. When it comes to searches or blogs, Google is hands down the best. I do wish they had a page of news like Yahoo and MSN did. Perhaps eventually.

  6. Yup, Google rocks! And I haven't taken the time to try Google+ yet either. Not sure I'm going to simply for bandwidth reasons. Unfortunately, I do not have googles of time - lol!


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