12 x 12 in 2012- March

Ahead of time. 
These are words I don't always have the pleasure of using when it comes to writing and deadlines. This month though, I have miraculously managed to finish my 12 x 12 PB manuscript ahead of time, as in today is not March 31st and it's not close to midnight. My first two pieces for the 12 x 12 were finished right at deadline, with only about 30 minutes to spare before midnight. I'd say I'm not sure what made this month different, but I think I have the answer, or at least part of it.
I had started one piece, made my notes, wrote an introductory paragraph (which I think I will be trashing shortly) and then stopped. A couple of weeks later, thankfully March has 31 days in it, I was walking in the park. This park happens to be the park next door to the people who lovingly took in our dog when she needed a new home (two of my kids have asthma). They, like us, feel more that the dog rescued them, than they her. This was something my husband and I had said for years. She is just that special.
And so- there was the inspiration for my story. It needs tweaking, and is probably way too long, but there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is one of those stories I will surely keep working with as one day it may help children and their parents, to get through the sadness of having to give away a pet, but to also understand that maybe it's time for that pet to help another family.


  1. Yay! Congrats on finishing :)

    And that dog is beautiful! I've had to go through giving away a pet and it's not the easiest thing. What a great inspiration.

  2. Good for you!!!!
    I wish I could join the A-Z Challenge...but I'm already overwhelmed with all I am doing...and I will be away in New Hampshire, watching my 3 year old grandson, for a week in April...and I'm planning on doing something special for National Library Week that begins April 7th...I'll be blogging about it with the PPBF blog...so stay-tuned for something exciting for library lovers. :)

  3. Thanks Vivian, although I'm still not sure how it will all get done. National Library week! That sounds very cool. Maybe I can swing something for our local online news site. See, there I go giving myself more to do....

  4. Congratulations! And ahead of time? I'm impressed!


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