12 X 12 IN 12- January

I surprised even myself with this one. As January quickly came to a close, I didn't think my first 12x12in12 manuscript would happen. The up(and down)side of having an entire month to write a Picture Book manuscript is that while there always seemed to be plenty of time early in the month, time does move on and then all of a sudden it's January 30th. And there was no manuscript, at least until about 11p.m. that night.
I have said before, I am Mommy first, writer second. I suppose the beauty of that is I had plenty of inspiration for what I wrote, and once I sat down with pad and paper, the words and story line flowed. It's by no means ready for public viewing but it's done for now. A complete story born of vacation time with the grandparents and my children's love of both mystery and desserts.


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