Stuck At Home

I am stuck at home today with a sick child. We are well beyond the drippy nose phase here, complete with a fever and glassy eyes. So, in A2ZMommyland, this means my plans shift, change, and rearrange. What was planned? Nothing crazy, coffee with one friend, a walk in the park with another, and then some errands- I desperately need new potholders and one of my favorite spice blends is just about gone.
What does this mean for how my day will actually play out? Well, I've got some reading to do, some writing to do (and see that 12 x 12 in12 button?), laundry to fold, a closet to clean out, and some experimenting to do with my Crock Pot. I'm going to try Chocolate Molten Lava Cakes. They are my absolute favorite, next to Creme Brulee, and with Valentine's Day coming up this could be a great family dessert.
I used to get very frustrated with these types of changes in plans. Having spent years "just home" with little kids, once they got into school the time my time was so precious that giving it up used to be frustrating. I've since learned to take it in stride and remember that this is why I'm home. No work to call in to, no meetings to cancel, no shushing of small children in the background. Been there, done that. How great is it to be a write-from-home mom? Really great.
I will take my day in parts and pieces, tending to my youngest who needs a little extra TLC and my closet, which needs a lot of TLC. In the end, what can get done will, and what's left will just shift to tomorrow.


  1. Sorry you have a sick little one. But, it does give you ome other options. Sounds like it could be a fun and interesting day. Love your crockpot idea. Make sure you share how it turns out.

  2. Thanks Pat. So far the day is turning out to be quite productive and my little one is getting the rest he needs. If my idea works out, I'll be posting it for sure!


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