Saving My Fondue

My life seems to revolve around food and kids, kids and food. Even before having kids, the food part was always there but then it was work and food. I suppose the food is the constant.
Makes sense. We need to eat. I enjoy eating. Thankfully, I enjoy cooking too. But a lot like parenting, I make plenty of mistakes along the way. With my kids, so far my mistakes have been pretty small; yelling too much, not having enough patience, forgetting what it was like to be scared of the dark, things like that. I hope those can be repaired over time. With food, that's a different story. Not all food mistakes can be easily fixed, but I think they can all be learned from, just like parenting mistakes.
My most recent food mistake was chocolate based. I love chocolate, but am not an expert. This past New Year's Eve I had a fondue themed night. The dessert was, not surprisingly, chocolate fondue. The past two times I made it, I burned the chocolate. Most recently, when trying to make a chocolate coating for shortbread cookies, I seized the chocolate in an effort to thin it out. Bad. Bad. Bad.
I was concerned for my dessert. Thanks to Chef Scott of Cuisine Inspirations, and his ability to simplify just about any recipe to make it delicious and easy, the end result was a fabulous and fun dessert that the kids enjoyed as much as the adults did.

Chocolate Fondue
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup chocolate chips
Whatever fruits and pastries for dipping you want.

Place cream in fondue pot.
Place that pot over a larger pot with hot, simmering (not boiling) water.
Allow cream to warm up and then add chocolate, stirring constantly.
Voila! Chocolate that is beautiful and silky and smooth and ready for dipping.


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