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In the spirit of Christmas coming soon.....

When I actually take the time to think about the number of picture books in my house, I'm amazed at how many are really good. While some have survived longer than others, and some are memorized while others are not, the one below is still a favorite. My daughter, who is 10, has had several years of me reading this to her various classes at school. This year, she'll be the one reading it to her 4th grade class. When we talked about what book to bring in for her holiday sharing, there wasn't even any hesitation. "Santa Kid," she said. Thanks Susanna Hill, again, for starting this series, it's given me great memories and reason to look at our library of picture books again.

Santa Kid
Written by James Patterson and illustrated by Michael Garland
Little, Brown and Company, 2004
Suitable for: Preschool and up
Themes/Topics: Christmas, Adventure
Opening and Brief Synopsis: A businessman, Warrie Ransom, has bought the North Pole and Christmas. His goal is for 50% of the children to receive presents, therefore threatening to ruin that special day. Only Chrissie, Santa's daughter, seems to believe Christmas can be saved.
Activities: Ask children what it would be like if only half the kids got presents at Christmas. Imagine: would you have the courage to try and save Christmas like Chrissie?
Why I Chose This Book:  I bought this book, theoretically, for my children. But, as an avid James Patterson fan, I just couldn't resist. My unexpected surprise: when Chrissie shows her strength and the importance of children, I feel my own lump in my throat when Santa asks, "Do you believe, Chrissie, something bigger than yourself?"


  1. Huh! I had no idea Patterson had written a picture book. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was surprised myself when I found it, and the fact that is has become a favorite is a bonus!

  3. Tracy,
    I am so happy you reviewed Patterson's Santa Kid, illustrated by Michael Garland. Patterson wrote a great book and it is so bold and beautifull. I did an author/illustrator interview with Garland on 30 Nov. promoting his new book, and reviewed his Christmas City, last Friday. Nice review.

  4. Patricia,
    I just read a synopsis of the Christmas Wedding. The suspense alone has given me another book to add to my Christmas list. Thank you!

  5. I heard about this book from another quarter altogether - Michael Garland talking about what it was like to work with James Patterson. 'Nuff said :) I love Michael's illustrations, but can't pass judgment on the story as I haven't read it. Since you like it so much, though, I guess I'd better add it to my extensive list! :)

  6. I so loved the look and feel of this book. Actually I started humming the song "Santa Baby" as I was reading your review, it had me in such a Christmas mood!

  7. I was surprised enough when he wrote Christmas at Tiffany's but a picture book too, I'm impressed. I always loved his thrillers. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'll have to look this one up. At my last critique group, several writers mentioned PB by celebrities. No one mentioned this one, but looks like a fun story.

  9. HUh, what a cool premise. Love the idea of Mr Profir, reducing present output by 50%! Of course, only a kid could resolve this! I too had no idea Patterson had written a picture book. Being a fan of Michael Garland's I shall certainly look out for this. Like that your daughter had no hesitation in choosing it, too!

  10. Sounds like a great book!

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