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The collective we who read and follow Susanna Hill's blog were asked to recommend picture books. With three children, I've been through a myriad of picture books. Some fantastic and read until they fell apart, and others not touched more than once. Join us on Fridays as we all share our favorite picture books and how they spoke to either moms or children.

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Not A Box
Written and illustrated by Antoinette Portis
Harper Collins Children's Books, 2007
Suitable for: Preschool and up
Themes/Topics: Imagination, Adventure
Opening and Brief Synopsis: Why are you sitting in a box? It's not a box. What are you doing on top of that box? It's not a box! Little bunny is constantly being asked what he is dong with his box. He continuously explains that it is not a box, but many, many other things.
Why I Chose This Book:  In my house, the laundry basket is often the "not the laundry basket" and becomes a car, train, tent, or table. This story speaks to the unlimited imagination of children, and I love it.


  1. My "bunny" needs to hear this book. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. This sounds like a great one! Thanks so much for sharing! Now... what resources/activities can we think up to go with it to make it useful to teachers? I think maybe something along the lines of decorating boxes to be different things? But I haven't actually read the book... Thanks so much for being part of the very first Perfect Picture Book Friday!

  3. That would be a great book to encourage kids to use their imaginations. Perhaps an activity that takes an object, any object, and get the kids to shout out suggestions for what it could be (other than what it is) would work well.

    I must find this book. I love it already.

  4. Sounds like a great book! I loved boxes as a child. They could become anything you wanted. Will have to look this one up.

  5. This is a great book full of imagination. Reminds me of my cat I used to have, loved boxes big and small. She actually loved anything to get into, including pot plants, suitcases you name it...

  6. Love this! Half our house is from cardboard (no kidding) so my kids would love this. We have a huge Fire Station and a huge rocket and several smaller cardboard ventures.

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments! It is a wonderful book as was a fast favorite for my youngest, who is 3. For next week's post, I'll be sure to include some activities. I didn't realize I can make my own suggestions! How great is that?!

  8. I love this book, too. And laundry baskets do seem to hold a special charm for the little ones! I actually posted about this book once, too, and a colleague of mine posted about some ideas for using it in dance classes (though some of her ideas might be applicable to home time, too). Here's her post, in case you are interested:


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