Up for the Challenge?

I started writing about three years ago. Some of the work has been really good, and some has been frightening when I've gone back to read through those early drafts. It started as a cathartic, sharing (to no one in particular) type of exercise. A way to get the thoughts (all on parenting) out of my head and onto paper.
As time went on, and I listened and watched my children more closely. The result; a drive and motivation to create children's books. With my own children as models and creators of story outlines, without even knowing it, I started writing.
Now, I've joined the PiBoIdMo challenge, where the plan is to create an idea for a children's picture book each day in the month of November. As I only have about 4 working ideas, this could be daunting, fun, challenging, exciting, and really test the few creative brain cells in my head. Let's see how it goes, and wish me luck!


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